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  • File recovery from Linux LVM volumes is available only in case the Transporter assigned to the Backup Repository is installed on a Linux OS
  • File recovery is not supported for independent, encrypted, and RAID disks
  • File recovery from LVM volumes is not available if the Transporter that is assigned to a backup repository is installed on a NAS such as Synology, QNAP, Western Digital, or ASUSTOR 
  • File recovery from systems that use Windows-only features, such as Windows Data Deduplication or DFS, is available only in case the Transporter assigned to a backup repository is installed on Windows machine with such features enabled
  • File recovery is not supported for source VMs on RAID disks 
  • File recovery from Windows Dynamic Disks is not supported for the following platforms:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x
  • Recovering files to an NFS share fails if the NFS server is configured as NFSv4 only and the NAKIVO Transporter has earlier NFS protocol versions
  • File recovery may skip empty folders from the NTFS file system in certain configurations
  • Active Directory printers are skipped during recovered items import
  • Replica/recovered VM disks are always created as Lazy zeroed if source VM had both Lazy and Eager zeroed disks
  • Exchange emails that were forwarded to recipient as attachments cannot be recovered from the mailbox
  • Exchange Public Folders are not supported for granular recovery
  • File recovery fails if the HDD's Virtual Device Node is SATA and Transporter proceeding the job is installed on Windows
  • SQL Server object recovery does not work with databases that have memory-optimized data filegroup containers
  • SQL Server object recovery cannot recover system-versioned table if the table with such name already exists
  • File recovery for thinly-provisioned logical volumes is not supported
  • File-level recovery may be unavailable on some Linux configurations with XFS or BTRFS file systems
  • PowerShell scripts are not supported for site recovery actions. All Windows scripts are being run by cmd.exe
  • Recovery of mailboxes is not supported for Microsoft Exchange object recovery jobs
  • Cross-platform recovery may not work in case a VM or physical machine includes a special OS kernel
  • Birthday events may not be recovered via an object recovery job for Microsoft Exchange even if the job run was successful 
  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication displays only 1000 emails on the Objects page of the Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange wizard
  • XFS file system is not supported for recovery to source
  • File recovery is not possible if a backup contains an incomplete set of disks that are a part of the spanned volume/dynamic disks/LVM/RAID software or any other disk structures