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    • Automatic selection: The product automatically determines which Transporters are the closest to source hosts (the hosts that run selected VMs) and uses those Transporters to retrieve data from source VMs.
    • Manual - configured for all VMs: Select this option to manually specify a single Transporter to be used to retrieve data from source VMs.
    • Manual - configured per host: Select this option to manually specify which Transporter should be used to retrieve data from each source host.


      The target Transporter for the backup job will always be the Transporter assigned to the Backup Repository.           

Replacement Transporters

When configuring NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can manually select a primary and replacement Transporter for each separate host or set them to be selected automatically. 


This option becomes available only if you select Manual - configured per host from the Transporters drop-down list.

You have the following options:

  • Select automatically: When selected, the replacement Transporters are selected automatically for each host.
  • Select manually per host: When selected, the Transporters can be selected manually or can be set to be chosen automatically for each separate host.
  • Use primary transporters only: When selected, only primary Transporters are used during job execution.

Transporter Load

You can limit the maximum number of Transporter tasks used by the job. By default, this number is set to 3 concurrent tasks.