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actionstringThe action that is invoked
methodstringThe method that is invoked
typestringThe type of a request. Must be rpc at all times.
tidintegerTransaction ID of a request. If you send only one request at a time, it must be 1. Increase the number if you send more than one request at a time.Used to identify the request by both the client and the server. If the client sends a batch of requests, tid must be unique among the requests
dataarray or JSON objectThe parameters of the request. Format depends on the request type.

cURL Command Line Options

While sending requests with the cURL tool, use the following options:

OptionShort FormDescription
Specifies the request command to use. In most cases, NAKIVO API uses the POST command
URL to work with. The URL can be specified without the --url option
Passes custom headers to the server
Data of the HTTP POST request; see the table above. If specified, the –request POST option can be omitted
Writes cookies to the <file> after the request
Sends cookies from a string or a @<file>

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