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An error has occurred while backing up/replicating/recovering one or more disks of the VM.




DNS Issues

  • There might be a problem with resolving ESXi host DNS name on the Transporter machine.
  • ESXi host might have multiple IPs, while some of them are not reachable by the Transporter.


VPXA service issue

  • VPXA service on the target ESXi host could be stuck or work incorrectly.

Try to restart the service. Refer to the VMware Knowledge Base article for details.

VM disk issues


  • The target VM disk might not exist
  • The target VM could not be changed
  • VMware might have failed to write some data blocks to the target VM.

Perform the following actions:

  •  If possible, use a different datastore for recovery
  • Check VMware events/logs of the storage device to see if there is any indication of problems.