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  1. Physical Machine Agent Installation Failed

    is displayed: Physical Machine Agent installation has failed. Physical Machine Agent cannot be installed on the "X" machine. This machine already contains … installed on it, the PMA installation process fails and you see the above error. Before you proceed with the solution below, make sure that the Transporter is not being
    Knowledge BaseJun 04, 2021
  2. Failed to Connect to Active Directory Domain

    the connection test on the Settings page of the wizard fails with the following error: Could not connect to the AD domain. Possible Causes Some
    Knowledge BaseMay 31, 2021
  3. Transporter Installation on Hyper-V Host Failed

    is displayed: Transporter installation has failed. Transporter cannot be installed on the "X" host. This host already contains a physical machine agent. Background … on it to the product inventory, the Transporter installation process fails and the above error appears. Before you proceed with the solution below, make sure the PMA
    Knowledge BaseJun 04, 2021
  4. Screenshot Verification Fails During Flash VM Boot Job

    Product Version: 10.0 Last Modified: 06 July 2020 Problem When running a VMware Flash VM Boot job for a Windows machine, screenshot verification fails because … in the repository via the selected network. If the network is slow, screenshot verification may fail due to the service startup timeout. Solution To solve the problem, take
    Knowledge BaseJun 01, 2021
  5. Physical Machine Job Fails Due to Unsupported Disks

    with unsupported cluster disks to the product inventory. However, jobs for these machines may fail or contain incomplete data. This is a known issue of NAKIVO
    Knowledge BaseFeb 01, 2021
  6. VTL Discovery Fails if Drives are Mounted as SCSI Targets in Nonconsecutive Order

    Product Version: 9.1 Last Modified: 28 August 2019 Question Why does the discovery of VTL fail when I try to add a new library with the drives mounted in nonconsecutive order? root@ip-10-30-100-87:/opt/nakivo/transporter/bh-logs iscsiadm -m session tcp: [13],1
    Knowledge BaseJun 03, 2021
  7. Failed to Create Quiesced Snapshot of VM

    OS quiescing uses VSS to freeze I/O requests of applications inside the OS. If guest OS quiescing fails to create an application-consistent snapshot, NAKIVO … manually. image2019-3-19 16:39:45.png Notes Nutanix VSS snapshots of the VMs with delta, SATA, and IDE disks are not supported. Nutanix VSS snapshots fails
    Knowledge BaseMay 15, 2020
  8. Taking Quiesced Snapshot of Windows Server 2019 VM Fails

    Product Version: 9.3 Last Modified: 10 March 2020 Problem Taking a quiesced snapshot of Windows Server 2019 VM fails with the following error: Backup of the "X" VM has failed Source host could not create quiesced (application-aware) snapshot of this VM. Background This problem happens when Windows cannot identify
    Knowledge BaseJul 17, 2020
  9. Director Installed on Windows Server Fails to Start

    Product Version: 8.6 Last Modified: 20 May 2019 Problem The Director component installed on a Windows Server fails to start automatically after restarting the service. Background On a heavily loaded system configuration, the Java launcher for Windows that starts the Director component as a Windows service may
    Knowledge BaseMay 26, 2020
  10. Mailbox Processing Failed Because Autodiscover Service Could Not Be Located

    Product Version: 10.1 Last Modified: 10 August 2020 Problem NAKIVO Backup & Replication fails to process/view a mailbox during the Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange job with the following error: The Autodiscover service couldn't be located. Export Exchange certificates from the Exchange admin center and add them
    Knowledge BaseFeb 23, 2021