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  1. Microsoft 365 Backup Job Failure

    Product Version: 10.2 Last Modified: 9 December 2020 Problem The Microsoft 365 backup job fails. Possible Causes Insufficient Permissions Your Microsoft 365 account credentials may lack the necessary permissions. Interrupted Connectivity Incorrect network settings may cause a Microsoft 365 backup job to fail
    Knowledge BaseJun 03, 2021
  2. How to Stop Backing Up a VM

    Product Version: 9.0 Last Modified: 19 September 2019 Question I no longer need to back up one of my VMs. How can I stop backing up this VM? Answer If you no longer want to back up a VM, you can remove the VM from the backup job. Follow these steps: Edit
    Knowledge BaseMay 31, 2021
  3. Recovering with VM Replicas

    Product Version: 9.1 Last Modified: 18 September 2019 Question Can VM replicas created by NAKIVO Backup & Replication be started manually in vSphere? Answer VM replicas created by NAKIVO Backup & Replication are treated as regular VMs. They can be started with the VMware vSphere Client or web UI. Replica recovery
    Knowledge BaseMar 11, 2021
  4. Replication or Recovery Job Cannot be Started

    Product Version: 10.5 Last Modified: 19 October 2021 Problem The replication or recovery job cannot start and returns the following error: There is not enough space on the target datastore/storage Background For initial VM replication and recovery jobs, NAKIVO Backup & Replication checks the amount of free space
    Knowledge BaseOct 20, 2021
  5. Failure to Verify VMs With EFI Firmware to Windows Server 2012 R2

    Product Version: 10.5 Last Modified: 12 November 2021 Problem When attempting to recover/replicate/flash boot a VM to Windows Server 2012 R2, the following error appears: Additional steps are needed to start [VM Name] VM Verification of VMs with EFI firmware to Windows Server 2012 R2 is not fully supported. Additional
    Knowledge BaseNov 12, 2021
  6. Snapshot Invalidated by the Source System

    Product Version: 10.3 Last Modified: 11 May 2021 Problem The backup job of a physical machine fails with the following error: Backup of the "X" physical machine has failed. Snapshot was invalidated by the source system for one or more volumes. Background This error can occur for several reasons. One of the reasons
    Knowledge BaseNov 24, 2021
  7. Volume Shadow Copy Service Error on Nutanix

    Product Version: 9.2 Last Modified: 27 February 2020 Problem All supported Windows versions (2019-2016-2012r2-2012-2088r2) on Nutanix produce the following error when running a Nutanix AHV backup job with app-aware mode enabled: Message: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying
    Knowledge BaseMay 15, 2020
  8. Skip Unused Blocks Issue in v9.4

    Product Version: 10.0.1 Last Modified: 26 August 2020 Problem In rare cases, the Skip Unused Blocks feature in v9.4 could skip incorrect data blocks, which … & Replication v9.3 and earlier product versions Backups and replicas of Linux-based machines Backups and replicas of machines using only Dynamic disks Backups
    Knowledge BaseAug 26, 2020
  9. Backup Copy

    in Backup Repository A will be copied to Backup Repository B: Group 332.png However, Backup and Backup Copy are different jobs, so you can set different retention policies for your primary backups and their copies in a different Backup Repository. This way, for example, you can store several daily backups onsite, and keep
    User GuideJul 16, 2020
  10. Cannot Access the Web UI

    Product Version: 10.0 Last Modified: 10 June 2020 Problem After updating NAKIVO Backup & Replication, the Access denied is displayed. Solution This issue can be solved by removing cookies on this page. Here’s how to do this in the Chrome browser. Take the following steps: Click View site information in the upper left
    Knowledge BaseJun 16, 2020