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Product Version: 6.2
Last Modified: 12 Sep 2016


How many VMs can I protect with NAKIVO Backup & Replication?
How many jobs can I create in a single installation?
How many Transporters and Backup Repositories can I have?


NAKIVO Backup & Replication does not limit the number of objects that can be created or operated with.
We have tested the software to be working with the following number of objects in a single installation:

User Sessions 
Number of concurrent user sessions50
Total number of top level Inventory items500
Total number of discovered VMs10,000
Total number of Transporters500
Backup Repositories 
Total number of Backup Repositories500
Number of Backup Repositories on a single Transporter5
Minimum free space in a single Backup Repository1 GB
Jobs & Groups 
Total number of jobs500
Number of objects in a single job500
Total number of running jobs100
Number of running jobs on a single Transporter50
Total number of job groups500
File/Object Recovery Sessions 
Total number of active recovery sessions25
Number of active recovery sessions on a single Transporter5
Total number of tenants100
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