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Product Version: 9.1

Last Modified: 03 October 2019


Backup of the Linux physical server has failed with the following error:

Backup of the "X" server has failed
LVM snapshot allocation size was exceeded for one or more LVM volumes. 


NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to set a maximum LVM snapshot allocation size for a Linux physical server backup. By default, it is set to 1 GB but it can be increased up to 1000 GB.  If you run a physical Linux server backup job and the LVM allocation snapshot size of the LVM volumes exceeds the set size limit, the above error appears. 


To solve this problem, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that there is enough space in LVM Volume Group(s). 
  2. Go to product system settings.
  3. Increase an LVM snapshot allocation size value according to the space available in LVM Volume Group(s). 

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