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Product Version: 6.0
Last Modified: 31 Dec 2015


An error message is stating that the source VMware ESXi host did not provide valid CBT data.


After the initial (full) VM backup or replication, all consequent job runs are forever incremental.
By default, NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses VMware CBT technology to identify what data has changed since the last job run.

Several factors – such as a power outage – can cause VMware CBT to reset and lose a track of incremental changes for a VM.
If an ESXi host is unable to provide a correct CBT data for a VM, the above error message is displayed.


By default, backup and replication jobs are configured to handle CBT errors automatically as follows:

  1. Re-try querying CBT several times; if unsuccessful:
  2. Attempt to reset CBT for such VM automatically
  3. Perform initial (full) backup/replication for the VM
  4. Start using VMware CBT again on the next job run

You can change the behavior by editing the job and setting a different error handling in Step 4 of VM backup jobs and VM replication jobs.

You can also reset CBT for the VM manually.


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