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In most cases, it is sufficient to have one Transporter per site that by default gets installed together with other NAKIVO Backup & Replication components. In large environments where a big number of machines should be processed simultaneously, multiple Transporters can be deployed at the same site to distribute the workload. If you have a multi-site infrastructure, you can use network acceleration and traffic encryption between a pair of Transporters. If a machine is replicated between two sites over a WAN, the Transporter in the source site can compress and encrypt data before transferring it over the WAN; the Transporter in the target site will decrypt and decompress the data before writing it to the replica machine. Before deploying an additional Transporter, you need to choose an appropriate platform. Your choice will depend on the platform you use for NAKIVO Backup & Replication and location where you want to store your backups.


When deploying Transporters, make sure DNS servers on Director and Transporters machines are specified correctly. When several sites with different DNS servers use the same Transporter, NAKIVO Backup & Replication jobs may fail with the "Name cannot be resolved" error.

Windows or Linux Service

If you use a Full Solution of NAKIVO Backup & Replication on Windows or Linux machine, then all extra on-site Transporters should be chosen accordingly. To distribute the workload within a Windows infrastructure install and add an additional Windows Transporter. If your infrastructure is Linux-based, install and add a Linux Transporter. Since Transporters need to communicate with the Director and Backup Repository, make sure you also provide the necessary connection. See the instructions how to install a Transporter on Windows and Linux.

Transporter Package for NAS

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) Transporter package can be installed on a NAS device in case you want to use it as a backup appliance. Transporter packages are available for Synology, QNAP, Western Digital, ASUSTOR, NETGEAR, and generic ARM-based device NASes.

Keep in mind that, If you’ve installed NAKIVO Backup & Replication on an ARM-based NAS, you should install an additional Transporter to allow the product to work with VMware vCenters and ESXi hosts. Refer to Adding VMware vCenters and ESXi hosts topic for details.

VMware or Nutanix Virtual Appliance

If you have deployed NAKIVO Backup & Replication Virtual Appliance into vSphere environment, you can add an additional Transporter the same way. Follow the instructions to deploy an additional Transporter to vSphere. For Nutanix AHV, refer to Deploying Nutanix AHV Virtual Appliance.

AWS EC2 Instance

To perform backup of VMware VMs and/or Amazon EC2 Instances to a Backup Repository located in Amazon EС2, deploy a Transporter to Amazon EC2. The environment located at Amazon is treated by the product as if it was a local environment. Therefore, you can schedule and run backup jobs in the same manner as you would do it for local protected VMs.

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