Editing User Role

Follow the steps below to edit a user role:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Users and Roles.

  2. On the Users and Roles page, switch to the Roles tab. 

  3. In the list of roles, do either of the following:

    1. Locate the user role and click on it.

    2. Hover over the user role, click the Ellipsis icon in the rightmost column of the row, and click Edit.

  4. The Edit Role page opens. Edit the user role properties if needed:

    1. In the Role name box, edit the user role name.

    2. If you are working with a multi-tenant environment, you can change the access level for this role by choosing another tenant, master tenant, or all tenants in the Access level list.

    3. In the Description box, edit the user description.

    4. You can view the Number of users with this role, as well as view a full list by clicking the x users button.

    5. In the Permissions tab, you can edit all necessary permissions for the user role.

    6. When finished, click Save in the lower right corner of the page.