Adding User Role

Follow the steps below to add a user role:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Users and Roles.

  2. On the Users and Roles page, switch to the Roles tab. 

  3. Click + symbol and then select Add Role.

  4. The Add Role page opens. Proceed as follows:


    For editions other than Enterprise Plus, the roles Backup operator, Recovery operator, and custom roles are not available.

    1. In the Role name box, enter the role name.

    2. If you are working with a multi-tenant environment, choose either a tenant, master tenant, or all tenants, from the Access level list.

    3. In the Description box, optionally enter a user description.

    4. Click Next to proceed to Permission tab.

    5. A list of permissions opens. Specify necessary permissions for the user role.

    6. Click Finish in the lower right corner of the page.

The user role appears in the list of roles.